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Not finishing novels/stories/anything
You can go ahead and try the Stephen King approach to develop and bring into fruition his ideas; He just pours all his mind into a piece of paper without knowing which direction these ideas are heading for. Creativity is an intrincate path which point towards several ways, Maybe while writing you will stumble upon something really good to finish an entire book about it.
What I do now is just write all the ideas I get (daily if any) into my notepad on my phone, and I come back to them later when I'm finished working on the current one that I've been working on.

I know what you mean when you say you get and idea, and start working on it, but then don't finish and start on a new one. It's something that you have to practice overtime, I just started writing my new ideas in the pad and it worked out for me.
I don't have any problem with finishing short length work such as short story, novella or essays. However, my problem is finishing long work such as novel or novella. MY writing begins to stagger when I am in the middle by the time I come close to the ending, I loose the track.
Writing is not meant to be done everyday, since there will be a point that you will indeed run out of ideas eventually. So what you need to do is to recharge your mind and let the ideas come to you at a "natural pace" that is in line with your story. That's what I do. I don't force myself to write if I'm not feeling creative enough.
I think it's very important to finish everything you start, it doesn't matter if the story seems silly or if you don't like it but it's important to finish it so you can move on to the next one, even if you're thinking about giving it a silly ending you should definitely do it.
I thought I was the only one having this problem... I can never finish any of my writings. I have all the ideas in my head and I usually have a good part of it written out, but I just can't complete my work. I feel like the more I write, the higher my expectation gets. I'll suddenly feel like my writing isn't good enough so I'll keep rewriting and rewriting. Then eventually, I'll lose interest and drop my writing completely. I hate doing this, but I can't help it. It's so frustrating.
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Yes, I agree with the others. Also, I think working on one idea at a time and developing it, is going to help get you where you want to go with your writing. I mean when you get a flash of inspiration, write it down and save it for another day, and simply use the ideas you have already thought of to use.

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