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How to Publish on
here are the steps:

1) sign up an account on

2) go to "Writer Petition" and submit your application. 

3) wait for your writer account activation (under 24 hours)

4) log in to your account & go to "Create New book"

5) Follow the guidelines, and set up paid/free sections of your book.

6) Post your cover art help requests in this forum. 

7) Post your questions and promote it through social media & other channels.

8) Once collected amount of banas & readership, ask us to send you payment through "Contact Us"
I haven't spent a lot of time on the forums. Can you tell me what the advantages or benefits are of publishing on newbbay? My favorite form of writing is flash fiction, short fiction stories of under 1000 words. Is this accepted on newbbay? Where can I locate more information on your guidelines? Thanks so much!

Okay--so I just went to the website--you guys have started something really cool! I will definitely be signing up. I have some flash fiction on Kindle right now, but I love writing for the fun of it, too!
I have been on newbay forum for a long time but I have never checked the newbay website. Thanks for the step-by step guide for joining the website. I hope to check the website, may consider joining if I find it helpful to me. I am on numerous websites, thus I don't want to join just for the sake of joining. I will join only when I have time for activities.
This is quite informative though the steps are summarized and would you please supply the link to follow the process in detail? I have been seeing this thread and I appreciate the simplicity of the process. However, I would like to pose whether its possible to produce hardbacks or Ebooks from the same? And is there provision to sell other books in one's account which have been published elsewhere?
Well like some others have said I like the more guided approach here. I have not really considered it quite yet and I have only browsed around a little bit, but it seems like a good option and one that I am sure works for a good amount of people. Might have to give it a go.

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