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Revising a novel
I once heard of a conversation between 2 writers. The issue is the overhauling of a novel. The publisher wanted to remove the religious tone of the story so it will not offend anyone. But the religion is part of the twist because of the inter-faith marriage. In that case, I couldn't suggest anything but go on with the revision no matter how difficult. The characters are the same except for the setting in the temple which will also be removed. Those kind of revisions are hard to do and I think it is easier to rewrite the story.
I think sometimes revisions that are suggested by editors and or publishers ruin the content or fabric of the story. I think in a situation like that, you can either decide to continue to please the publishers or to try to find another one to submit your work to. I think sometimes the demands are excessive.
A story should only be modified by its author, the publisher shouldn't modify anything. Maybe just some small thing, or some spelling mistakes, but otherwise major changes can modify the story completely and put it further from the author's original intent. It might become an entire different story.
That doesn't mean that any publisher-suggested change should be denied without talking: him and the author can discuss about it, and they might be able to compromise. It won't be the same thing, but at lest the author will be able to give its own point of view.

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