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Too old to start writing?
If you have reached an age when you have formed the idea that it is too late to make a career in writing, you should know that age can not be an obstacle to someone who has been made to pursue this career. I do not mean, and I hope I will not upset anyone, those who begin to write only out of boredom and have no obvious inclinations in this art of writing, for there can be nothing more painful and stressful than a writer who goes through A time when he imagines that he left his inspiration, or things do not come out as he dreams, when you lose whole nights ... But it can become the subject of another article, so we better return to our sheep, as they say.

So I made a small list - for example there are many - with writers who started writing or at least publishing later in life. It is true that they started harder than others, but talent must have always been present, writing is being learned, whoever can do it, literature does not happen so easily. And so that I do not talk more, this is the list:

  • Anthony Burgess: A curious fact is that Burgess would have preferred to be more successful as a musician than a writer. After the first attempt, namely the publication of his first novel, Time for a Tiger, at the age of 39, he would still have had chances. But with the success of the famous Mechanical Orances, this has become impossible - besides the fact that his physical notes, which were then mandatory if you wanted to pursue a career in music, did not help him.
  • Raymond Chandler: Who would have thought one of the most prolific cops of novels began their career as a poet and journalist without success? He tried to write a police fiction later, with a not very good result. This stage helped him to style his writing anyway, so when he was 50 years old when he published the Sleep of Eternity and  became a successful writer, especially because he was lucky to have the novel screened with Humhprey Bogart as Detective Philip Marlowe.
  • Toni Morrison: this Nobel winner in 1993 and Pulitzer in 1988, published his first novel, The Blueest Eye, when he was 39 and working as a teacher. The novel was developed from a story about a black girl who wanted to have blue eyes, read by the author in an informal group of poets and writers at Howard University who were meeting to discuss what they were writing.
  • Charles Bukowski: The writer has made some short stories in his youth and for a while he might have thought he would have given up on this dream. Only 51 years later he published his first novel, Poşta, based on his experience as a postman, a job he would return to later life, like an old love.
  • George Eliot: Pseudonym of Mary Anne Evans, one of the most acclaimed English writers, published Adam Bede, a novel with remarkable pictures of the late 18th century English village when he was 40 years old.

And the list can continue ...
As long as you have a working mind it's never to late to write, even with fingers that don't work, you can convert speech to text, so in this day and time writing doesn't have a age limit.

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