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Who is your favorite singer? and why?
My favorite singer is Selena Gomez now a days just because of her song " It Aint Me ". This song makes me fly in the air and it motivates me a lot. I never heard the songs of Selena Gomez. Before this LinkinPark was my favorite music band. It is a creative band and they have their own type of music. I loved their song " Points Of Authority ". Who is your favorite singer and whats is the reason to like ?
My favorite singer easily has got to be Michael Jackson who to me is the greatest entertainer of all time. The way his music transcends all boundaries and culture is a living testament of this phenomenon ability. Not only people in their 30s- 40s love him but also kids 7-18 adores his music also and that's a mark of a legend.
I am quite old for the younger generation but I can say that my favorite singer is the Bee Gees. They had a lot of hits but lesser than that of the Beatles. But the Bee Gees have a different sound that only the people in their generation can appreciate. Another thing going for the Bee Gess are their simple songs which are easy to remember with the lyrics and the melody as well.
My favorite singer will definitely be Bob Marley, because of the messages that are in his songs I consider him as a legend because he pave the way for the world to love and appreciate Jamaican music.
I would say my favorite band would have to be nickleback. As they have amazing rock n roll music. Very easy to listen to. You can also also make out what they are saying to.
My favorite singer was Hayley Williams. I said 'was' because I haven't listened her songs in a while, life has been taking it's toll on me since I turned 20. But yeah she's my favorite singer. She's sings mostly with her band called 'Paramore' my favorite band by the way. My favorite song by her band is 'Ignorance' and 'Airplanes' feat B.O.B. Her voice is just so sweet.
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I have to say that I love 4men. It's a popular Korean band in South Korea. Their music has a bit of hip-hop/ r&b element to it. I think it's amazing how much music can easily be inspired and cross cultures. Languages may create barriers, but music destroys walls.
My favorite singer is Mariah Carey. Some people seem to detest her style of singing and they complain that she screams but whatever they might think or say, I really admire the way she can master those high notes and still maintain the soulful side and that works well for me.

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