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Creating your own website for your stories
My husband once has that idea of creating a website for his science fiction stories. But when the blogsites emerged, he tried creating a blog and just stick with it because blogging has no expense unlike in having your own website. But on the other hand, a website of you own can be tailored to what you desire. You can add buttons for links and also have your own style of menu. I admit that I have no plans of creating my own website for now but in the event that my stories have piled up then maybe that is a good option.
Many people do this and have a blog where they publish their stories, and you don't need much experience. Wordpress and blogger are the common ones, and are easy to use.

I have a free Wordpress site and a self-hosted one, because although the free one is generally safe a site can be taken down for any reason, so always keep a copy of your work elsewhere.

It is important to link your social media and to test the buttons, and on a self hosted site you have more options to add links. You can of course also buy a domain name and the forward it to the free hosted site which is another option.
It's cheap to have your own website. For starters, I would suggest wordpress. You need to buy a domain from namecheap or godaddy, and then host it, using something like bluehost or hostgator.
Does your blog have traffic? I wouldn't build a website unless people were actually visiting my blog.
I used to have this same idea. I wanted to create a website or blog to share my stories. I actually got really, really close to starting one. I used blogspot back then and had the whole thing set up.

There was only one problem -- I couldn't write anything.

I hit major writer's block after setting up the site. This eventually lead me to abandon the site because I didn't want to force myself to publish just so I could keep my site running. 

Right now, I just write for myself. I don't share my work and I think it's better that way. I'm not under any pressure to publish updates and I can write at my own pace. It works out better for me and makes writing less stressful.
I suppose it really is a matter of what the purpose is.

If the goal is just have fun writing and publishing to your blog, go for it. The content management systems these days are easy to use and customize. Hosting is inexpensive too.

If the idea is to create a following for your work and/or get noticed, that is a bit more difficult. Getting people to your blog and faithfully reading it is not easy these days.

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