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Watching nature
One advice to get ideas is to observe nature. For example, watch the birds do its thing – flying, hopping on branches of the trees, pecking, etc. Those movements can sometimes give you ideas that is not exactly related. The carefree impression you get from the birds can be likened to a boy who doesn’t care about anything. That’s one already. Another is the pecking of food. How difficult or easy is it to source out food when you have no money? And the environment that the bird enjoys, do you enjoy it too?
This is most definitley true and I agree with this post to the fullest extent. Sometimes when I feel as though I haven't been producing content that I feel is up to par or Im just not happy with. I find myself needing a break and going out to appreciate nature as a whole, whether it be walking through the woods, or taking out my kayak. Something about nature just makes you feel refreshed and always come out feeling better after being around all the amazing and different types of nature out there that can be explored.

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