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Plot - why do we die?
It has been playing on my mind for a long time now the question why we die. Eternal life is just a promise by religious leaders but no one has yet presented hard and undisputable proof. Back to the physical being,  why do we have to die? Why can't we live forever?
Because despite 3 billion years of evolution you are apparently the best we can come up with, a lumpy mass of organs and tissues that can't even sustain itself for a mere 100 years.

From a religious perspective, the mortal world is nothing but a test for the soul, a passing tutorial to separate the wicked from the good, to prevent God from being in the presence of lesser souls.
I think it is because once we born in this world and before that we were at no where. So after we die it would be the same before our birth. So we have to go back from where we came. There is no chemistry in it. Everyone has to go back to the world where they came from. People call that world death. Its up to you that how you feel it. It is like a nothing in the space. Our brain has made in such a way that it can get solutions more than its capacity. Only some spuerpower know about this.
I think we die because we need to die. we can't live for ever in this world this world is just somewhere that we are in it for testing ourselves and prepare to have our eternal lifes in the other world, to where our soul will go over there and hopefully rest in peace over there. in other hand if we don't die and live for ever, with the speed of the child's born right now, the earth will be over populated and finally there would not be any place for some new comers in this world. as I said before we need to die and just be happy in this life that you have
The right question would be why do we live? Let's say the most common theory about the afterlife is true, and there is nothing after death. You die, you no more exist. And let's think about where you were before you were born. Nowhere! Life is just a short parentesis between a eternity of nothingness.
This might sounds negative but I'm not hating life, I absolutely want to live. Thinking like this make me want to fullfill more my life! Let it be significant!

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