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Seriously? No one?
I'm so (pleasantly) surprised that no one is using this opportunity to blow off some steam! I don't really have anything to rant and rave about, but I am glad to see that other fellow writers here on this forum are too busy to scream and complain.  Wink
At least it's good to see that people have nothing to rant about Big Grin
Positive vibes are always good. Let's keep them up!
Reading rants is kind tough to me. I'd rather watch a video. Watching and hearing rants in person is certainly not the right experience I'm looking for. However, ranting helps people get rid of that weight they have on their shoulders.
Hi clair02! I am totally with you. You can colored me shocked when clicked on this section only to find that not one person has any complaints. Please however don't color me disappointed. Loving the positive atmosphere here.
I agree for sure I enjoy listening to rant and raves in person. As you get to see how the person is really feeling. 
Its so much fun hearing all about what happened that made them so mad.
I assume that this board is ranting in relation to writing. But anyway, I may be mistaken and other rants may also be welcome. And I agree that sometimes you really have to let the steam out and that would be relieving you of the tension inside. Whenever I would come home with stress on my mind, I would tell my husband about it and more often than not, I feel some relief maybe because of letting out the steam inside.
LOL! Well, I think we've all had our moments in this area. The less, the better, I suppose. Nothing throws me into a tizzy like interruptions whilst writing. Alas, that happens more than I'd like, but that is life, I suppose. Wink
Sometimes people may rant and rave but it doesn't that they don't mean well. Sometimes they just want to some issues to change for the betterment to themselves and others. Sometimes it's good to make noise because it may eventually result in some positives coming to the fore.

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