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3d Computer Art
Is anyone into 3D computer art?  For instance, is anyone into Blender, Poser, Daz Studio, zBrush etc..?  Myself, I have some experience with Poser, but I haven't tried sculpting things with Blender.   Note, these most 3D programs are pay ones except Blender and Daz Studio.  However, the learning curve of Daz Studio, and especially Blender, can be high.

Note, another cool thing you can do with 3d stuff is animation.
I have a colleague in the office who is a wizard in graphics software. With the Photoshop and Coreldraw, he is so good that we turn to him for help when we have a load of work for that software. I saw him doing the 3D art but I did not know what particular software it is. He said that the animation can be merged into a video clip. Gee, it's like doing a real animation. Maybe he can do the 3D scenes of some animation for the local movies.

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