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Pay Rate in Ghost writing
How much do you charge for doing ghost writing? If the client is willing to pay higher without you having to negotiate that is good,but what is the lowest amount you will work for?
Normally I need at least 2 cents for a word, which means I will ask for $20 for 1000 words, my normal rate is (regular writing where my name is used in the byline) 1 cents for one word or $10 for 1000 words.
I am a content writer in an online writing site in my country. I sometimes do ebooks that are published under the name of our foreign clients. In a sense, I am ghostwriting for that client. I don't have a direct contact with the client, however. The rate is a pity, actually. The company pays me the fixed amount of $200 for a 40,000 words ebook. It may not be much in terms of USD but if you convert that to our currency, it is equivalent to the daily minimum wage in our country. For me, this is way better than bidding so low for a project only to be rejected because someone else placed a lower bid.
I think the pay rate for ghost writing depends on the type of writing and the venue or outlet. If a writer will ghost write for a book, that would be expensive since the book is a long manuscript. For short articles of less than 1,000 words, $5 may be the starting amount of pay for a ghost writer. But as the manuscript goes longer, the pay rate goes higher as well. For technical writing, the amount may be more than double or triple because of the difficulty of writing a technical article.
My normal rat is $4 per page (one inch margin and double spaced page, about 350 words), I have been paid this rate by many clients. However, when I don't have work, I have even worked for $2 for 500 words. I have written ebooks for $60 as well as $30. Therefore, how much I charge to the client depends on how much money he is willing to pay.
$200 for 40,000 words? That's an awful lot of words to write for that amount of money! Obviously, everyone has different economic baselines to consider but that sounds like a lot of hard work for the $200. I'm hoping the $200 isn't a fixed price on a site like Upwork where they still take a sizeable cut for the privilege of you getting the job there.
I don't get out of bed unless it's at least 3 cents a word.

I'm willing to make exceptions, but that depends on the client, their requests and attitude when making said requests.
Nice tips! I guess when I eventually explore being a ghost writer I will also charge the same rates, no less that 3 cents per word. I haven't done content for other people, but I have given away some of my manuscripts that I lost interest in finishing to my fellow writer friends.
In my case, the rate varies depending on the word count, the amount of research needed, and the difficulty or level of technicality required. In general, the client requests for a certain number of words per book and tells me how much he/she is willing to pay for every 1,000 words. If I'm amenable to it, then it's a deal. If I think that it's too low considering the amount of time or effort I'll have to spend on the project, I'll usually negotiate.
I can only do technical writing which takes a lot of hard work as well research so if I was ever asked to write for someone I will charge according to time I spent on that job. I know content writing is different and content writers do it for a much lower price starting from (what I read in forums) $1 to few cents a word. However, what I feel is that 2-3 cents per word should be minimum for 200-500 worded articles.

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