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Have you used voice to text software
I have try it but since I am from middle East, my accent is much different from that one that software support and it always write so many funny things. but if you don't have my problem so try to use it and it can be very useful.
instead of taking to much time to type something you can simply talk and it will write it down for you. I suggest every one who can use it to use it 100%
I've never tried using a voice to text software. Honestly, it doesn't really sound like something I'm interested in. When I write, I like to do everything myself. Simply speaking into a machine doesn't do it for me. I also prefer writing to speaking so it makes no sense for me to speak when I write. Plus the software might not interpret me correctly so it'll just mess things up even more.

I'd rather not waste time using a software. I'll just type or write out my stories.

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