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Anybody ever been in a healthy writer+writer relationship?
My boyfriend is even more imaginative than me and he still comes to me with questions on my thoughts on his writing. I think it's great to be involved in the process of another write because you get a different viewpoint from your own. (Of course, unless you both share the same ideas and thoughts on a matter!) I'm his think-tank of sorts and he's my editor and fellow writer that I bounce ideas off of. Even though we may have difference of opinions on how something should be written, it never stops us from asking the other their thoughts on something.
I can say that I have been. There was times that I can think back when maybe having those same personalities kind of worked against us though, but that is something that you will get with anyone so it was nothing out of the ordinary.
yes i have seen it. one of my friends and his wife they are two great writers in Afghanistan they get ideas from each other and they will comment about each others novels and they are the most happy writer couples that I have ever seen they are very successful in their country I wish there was any translation from their work so I could show it to you and yes if you truly love someone you will be happy with her no matter what...

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