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Natureflame Of The Camborn

In a land left rotted and decaying a strange dark sickness had decimated the plant and animal life those who still lived were forced to find ways to survive in this new, harsh world. Rumors that there was a magical nature to the sickness spread causing most survivors to band together in their small communities. A resident of the small villa...

The Reform

The Reform explores the amelioration of "undesirables" through an experimental government program that is under the care of Detective Matthew Rodriguez. The goal of this program is to integrate the criminals back into society and eventually reform their abilities in order to help advance government research and excel...

Battle of Elusive Elements

Vega and Daisy have lived far from normal lives, but ever since they found each other their problems seem possible to overcome. They support and protect each other; are as much like sisters as two friends can be. For years things have kept on as they always had. The entrance of a mysterious figure into their ...

A Jack Daniels Day

A respected and honored Florida public official/attorney asks Private Detective Jarrod Banyon to investigate a murder when police name an associate a "person of interest." The investigate will take Banyon into the past and to a famous and unsolved triple homicide.

Her name is Erica

Erica is a young girl Austrian roots. She worked as a private investigator and very often encountered people who wanted to hurt her. Her new client has brought changes in her life. Because of him someone wants to see her dead.

Latest Comments
  • As of 6-28-15 chapter 3 is "finished" barring any unforeseen future improvements. More chapters to come, I am finally able to just sit down and write so the book development will become very active. Natureflame Of The Camborn 6/28/2015 Miah
    • As of 6-28-15 chapter two has been updated. This was mainly just a few spelling and grammatical fixes but also included some slight story "improvements" Chapters 1 and 2 should now be considered complete. Natureflame Of The Camborn 6/28/2015 Miah
      • Thank you very much for your kind words.

        As of 6-28-15 chapter one has been updated. This was mainly just a few spelling and grammatical fixes but also included some slight story "improvements"
        Natureflame Of The Camborn 6/28/2015 Miah
        • New content started as of 6-19-15 much more to come. Natureflame Of The Camborn 6/19/2015 Miah
          • This a prefect stress buster.. i can visualize every bit while i was reading. SO, funny yet so adventurous. As a child, i have always looked up at the sky and wondered whats beyond. This made me unleash the child inside me. Space is Vast (Young Adult / A... 6/9/2015 SirFruitcakes
            • Very captivating story for a pre-teen. The Diary of Rosetta Stone 6/7/2015 SirFruitcakes
              • A story about a boy who feels wrong about his abilities to study better Space is Vast (Young Adult / A... 6/4/2015 SirFruitcakes
                • I like it, but the mechanics need fixed; grammar, spelling, punctuation. A Reaper's Colors. 6/3/2015 Anon
                  • First sentence; Wish he taken, should be wish he had taken.

                    I enjoyed the prologue, especially the last part with how it had turned out. :D
                    The Evil Inside 6/3/2015 Anon
                    • truly inspiring, i really need to read more stuff like these Balancing Life and Work: A Phi... 6/3/2015 Anon
                      • Daniel Peled, thank you for reading! You might be right. Backbone: Hackers vs Vampires 6/3/2015 Mad Jardim
                        • I have a sneaking suspicion that the man who attacked the Dalai Lama was a plant, hired by President Gaultier or his men to make the President look brave and selfless, or to make the Chinese look bad. Backbone: Hackers vs Vampires 6/2/2015 Daniel Peled
                          • It is a really nice story about nutritional values. I would have liked to see more information about what each fruit/vegetable does for the body as kids may have a hard time digesting the different types of vitamins rather than what the vitamins do. It was nice to see that this was added in later parts of the reading though. I also found a couple of errors. >> “This is Mrs. Haber and she grows the most beautiful pears, peaches and plums. Mrs. Haber adds, << This sentence is missing the end quotation. Despite the small nitpicks I really enjoyed this story and I think it is beneficial for children to read. Pixie Lixie Lou - Market Day O... 6/2/2015 LisaMarie
                            • Beautiful wording. I want to go to a wax museum! I never know what I see. I am an eye. Lives of the Angels 6/1/2015 slowriter
                              • This was an interesting but odd story. I was a little confused and creeped out at times. However it was still interesting to read and I enjoyed it. Mr. Know-it-all 6/1/2015 Anon
                                • For children it is interesting.As i like it then my children obviously like it. The Princessa of Bobo, the Tru... 6/1/2015 Anon
                                  • A steamy romance novel A Light In the Dark 6/1/2015 Anon
                                    • This is a great space story that consists of non-stop adventure. There is sense of humor that is embedded in the story. The story shows the susceptibility of men and the power of the woman to use her femininity to achieve her ends. This is an adventurous, yet funny story. Space is Vast (Young Adult / A... 5/31/2015 Anon
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