Natureflame Of The Camborn

In a land left rotted and decaying, the Great Sickness had decimated the plant and animal life. Those who still lived were forced to find ways to survive in this new, harsh world. Rumors that there was a magical nature to the sickness soon spread causing those who still lived to band together in their small communities for safety and surviv...

The Reform

The Reform explores the amelioration of "undesirables" through an experimental government program that is under the care of Detective Matthew Rodriguez. The goal of this program is to integrate the criminals back into society and eventually reform their abilities in order to help advance government research and excel...

Battle of Elusive Elements

Many thanks to those who have read this book-in-the-making. I'd like to make note that I have uploaded the second draft of each chapter; my intentions are to get the whole thing finished (a feat I have never before accomplished) and posted then go back through again with details and continuity in mind....

Ladies of the Crown

This is being written by Heather Youstra and myself as a joint effort. She also has other works on here under her name titled: Hearts at Sea and The Battle of Elusive Elements

The first 10 chapters will be free and then starting at chapter 11 you will be charged 5 banas per chapter...

A Jack Daniels Day

A respected and honored Florida public official/attorney asks Private Detective Jarrod Banyon to investigate a murder when police name an associate a "person of interest." The investigate will take Banyon into the past and to a famous and unsolved triple homicide.

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  • From Miah:
    This first chapter is very well written, it has a very gritty and real tone to it that really comes across nicely in the story. I am definitely going to keep reading. There was one little issue I noticed, nothing big I just think you are missing the word "to" in the first sentence, 11 paragraphs up from the bottom of the page. I think you meant to say, that would lead him "to" believe. Anyways, great story, I am excited to keep reading it.
    Battle of Elusive Elements 8/30/2015 moderator
  • testing testing Battle of Elusive Elements 8/30/2015 moderator
  • As of 8/29/15 the second draft of chapter 4 has been added. Natureflame Of The Camborn 8/30/2015 Miah
  • As of 8/29/15 the second draft of chapter 5 has been added. I made some nice improvements to the story as well as fixed some general grammatical errors, I think it makes for a much better read now.

    I would also like to thank all my readers out there for sticking with the book as it comes. I will keep working hard to make sure I bring you all a good quality read.
    Natureflame Of The Camborn 8/29/2015 Miah
  • This is off to an interesting start. I had no idea of the potential of the desert getting snow, but that definitely set the atmosphere of the chapter. Keep up the good work! THEM! AGAIN! 7/29/2015 Anon
  • First, WOW! This chapter is definitely the start of a wonderful book. It was very descriptive, and had some change of scenery mixed in. Good work S.E. Butcher. To have an opportunity to experience seeing someone from another dimension can either be fascinating or horrifying. But, by the way this book is starting off, this can go either way. Our Love is Parallel 7/29/2015 Anon
  • I know there is more coming for this one but will there be a following book? Since this one seems to follow both girls quite well will there be one for each girl and their counter parts? Ladies of the Crown 7/20/2015 Anon
  • Made some improvements to chapters flow and grammar. Should make for a better read now. Natureflame Of The Camborn 7/20/2015 Miah
  • The back and forth with Sera is seriously confusing on the subject of Ross..... She is a bit batshit Ladies of the Crown 7/19/2015 Anon
  • Good start and quick to draw in the reader. Ladies of the Crown 7/19/2015 Anon
  • Serafima is a seriously odd name Ladies of the Crown 7/19/2015 Anon
  • As of 7-10-15 chapter 4 has officially been released. If I find any grammatical or spelling errors I will fix them as they come. but it should be good to go. Natureflame Of The Camborn 7/10/2015 Miah
  • As of 6-28-15 chapter 3 is "finished" barring any unforeseen future improvements. More chapters to come, I am finally able to just sit down and write so the book development will become very active. Natureflame Of The Camborn 6/28/2015 Miah
  • As of 6-28-15 chapter two has been updated. This was mainly just a few spelling and grammatical fixes but also included some slight story "improvements" Chapters 1 and 2 should now be considered complete. Natureflame Of The Camborn 6/28/2015 Miah
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